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Mon–FRI 5am–10pm

Sat–Sun 7am–4pm


23 north main Street,

Milltown, NJ 08850 SEE MAP​



Our Muscle Mill features 3 floors of fitness opportunities, including cardio equipment, extensive free weights, resistance machines, locker rooms and showers, an open studio, and a room dedicated entirely to powerlifting. We also have vitamins, protein shakes and supplements available for purchase. 

membership options

three ways to join!


$25 Enrollment

$30 per month (+ tax)

2 Private Training

Sessions Included.

(New Members Only)


$50 Enrollment

$35 per month (+ tax)

1 Private Training

Sessions Included.

(New Members Only)


$0 Enrollment

$45 per month (+ tax)

(New Members Only)

Special pricing for active/inactive military and local wrestlers – see a staff member for more information.

over 35 years of success

what ron began, michele & DAVE continue

Celebrating 35 years and counting, The Muscle Mill continues the hard core, old school, grit and grind gym experience of body building hey days.  Originally opened as the 1st Gold’s Gym on the East Coast, Ron Capodanno was one of the first to offer a powerful environment motivating those interested in fitness.  His tireless involvement within the fitness world has been marked by Ron’s 25 plus years of service as an NPC Judge, Powerlifting judge and promoter of the Mid Atlantic Natural Classic Body Building competition.  Ron's also been a member of The President’s Council on physical fitness as well as instructor for strength, weight training and conditioning at Rutgers University.

After 34 years of service, Ron has semi-retired and continues to train clients at The Muscle Mill, but has passed on the daily business to Dave Delmonaco and Michele Rockwell who are the new owners.  Dave has been involved in fitness from days of his youth and started training at The Muscle Mill during its bodybuilding heyday in 1984.  He was a competitive bodybuilder in his 20’s and continues to train today.

Michele’s gravitation towards fitness started at a much later age after losing a substantial amount of weight.  She was determined not to return to such an unhealthy lifestyle and started working with a personal trainer.  Six months into the process of weight training and lifting, she was hooked. 

Ironically, they both met at a gym and have been fast friends and partners since. 

Members and staff, our Muscle Mill family, are seriously dedicated and a diverse bunch which both Dave and Michele strive to support.  Much of The Muscle Mill’s notoriety involves bodybuilding, but in today’s Muscle Mill there is Zumba, Yoga, Boot Camp, Karate, Tai Massage, Powerlifting and Personal Training too.  Come in and be a part of an original, American made, hard core gym – Strength with Purpose! 

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